My Skin Care Routine

Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life

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Skin care is something that I have always been interested in but I never knew what products would suit my skin type best. This was until I visited my local Lush store and had a free consultation where they showed me a variety of different products to create the perfect skin care routine based on my skin’s needs. This is the routine that I am currently using both in the morning and evening and includes only Lush products. I have really enjoyed using them and my skin has never looked better and I also love that it is cruelty free which is so important. You can also bring the pots back clean for a free face mask!


The first step in my skin care routine is to exfoliate and I was recommended to use Dark Angels. My skin is quite oily and I suffer from clogged pores and redness so this exfoliator works perfectly for me. It really cleans deep down into the pores and deeply cleanses the skin so that it is super clean after using. Also there are moisturising ingredients so that after scrubbing this on your skin it is soothed and not too red! I never feel more refreshed than when I have used this product and I really feel that it gets all the dirt and make up out of my skin. I got this for £9 and it doubles as a cleanser whilst lasting for ages so it’s a great bargain too.


After exfoliating/cleansing, I will then move on to using the Tea Tree Water Toner which I have to say is my favourite of my skin care products. It is so easy to use just by spraying it on a cotton wool pad to wipe away dirt or make up and it is fantastic for getting rid of any bacteria that can cause spots. This can also double as a cleanser and is only £12 which is a great price for the wonders it can do for your skin! I have had a lot less acne since I have started using this product and I now don’t go a day without it, it’s also really good for sensitive skin too.


The Vanishing Cream moisturiser is the longest lasting product I have personally ever used. A little goes a long way with this and it is so light it never clogs up your skin. My skin is so smooth and soft after using this product and it has really encouraged me to moisturise every day as I previously avoided it because so many moisturisers clog my pores up. I also love the smell of this as it has a kind of lavender scent which feels really soothing!

Face Mask

I will usually apply a face mask once a week and the Rosy Cheeks face mask is the best I have ever used. It completely gets rid of the redness on my skin and is so soothing it restores so much life to my skin! I can visibly see the difference after using this so it is my other favourite skin care product which I could not live without! It is super helpful for when my skin is particularly oily as it gives a matte finish and helps to reduce any acne, also at only £9 it is such a bargain for what you get. I don’t think I will ever find a face mask that suits my skin more than this one does, particularly as it is the only one I have found to effectively reduce redness and blemishes.

Glowing skin is always in!

Thanks for taking the time to read about my skin care routine and the products that I am using at the moment. Obviously these products are the ones I was recommended for my skin type and so this won’t suit everyone but I would definitely suggest going into Lush, if you have one near you, and asking about their skin care products as you get such a personalised experience it’s so worth it! XOX

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