Top 10 Tips for getting Eyelash Extensions

Confidence breeds beauty

Estee Lauder

Pictured here is the first time I got my full set of Russian lashes with a C curl and I have never looked back! I now get regular infills and I never have to apply mascara! I also get to wake up with my lashes looking like this already with no effort being put in which is great for me as I am particularly slow in the mornings! However, it took me a long time to weigh up the pros and cons so here are my top 10 tips and things to think about if you are considering getting eyelash extensions.

Beware of the Price!

I think this is the first thing that a lot of people think about when deciding whether or not to get lash extensions, myself included. The salon where I got my lashes done has great prices compared to other places that I’ve seen but no matter where you go, getting lash extensions is definitely going to be expensive. For a full set of Russian Lashes (which is what I have in the picture) it cost me £85, however these lasted for a long time and I came back 3 weeks later for only half an hour to get infills which cost me £20 which I now do regularly. The price is worth it to me, as I am someone who has naturally very thin and light coloured lashes so having volume and a darker set makes such a difference, but it is definitely not a decision I took lightly!

Book a Patch Test

The salon where I got my lashes done will not give you your lash set unless you have had a patch test with them before to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the products that they use. Most places are the same and it is important to double check so that you will be able to go ahead with the appointment. You can do this the day before you get your lashes done if need be and it takes less than 5 minutes to do. All that happens is they will apply a small amount of product somewhere not too obvious like behind your ear or on your neck and you can see if you have any reaction to it within the next 24-48 hours. If not then you’re good to go!

Set aside around 2 hours

For the initial first time that you get your lashes done you will probably need around 2 hours to get the full set, though this will vary depending on the look you choose to go for. It is also important to remember that you will have your eyes closed for this amount of time so be sure that you are fully alert before you start driving home and also don’t be surprised if your eyes start to water a little bit. Mine are a little sensitive so will sometimes water after my appointment or my eyes will twitch a bit which is probably not very helpful to the lash technician but it can’t be helped!

Know your Options

There are so many different options to choose from when getting lash extensions and this was actually something I didn’t know a lot about until I was sat in the chair and being asked questions! I left a lot of the decisions down to them because they were able to tell me what would suit my eye shape the best which I found really helpful. What I did know was that I wanted to go for more volume on my lashes and have a slight fan effect which meant that I went for a C curl. For more of a curl you can go for a D curl or less would be A and B. This effects how natural you want your lashes to look and is completely personal preference.

Do not get your lashes wet at first

If you have just got infills or the full set, the lash glue will need time to dry properly so avoid getting them wet for 24 hours or even better 48 hours. This means that you won’t start to lose lashes just a day after you got them!

Take Care of your Lashes

The more you take care of your lashes, the longer they will last. I have been able to buy some products from the salon that I go to which clean your lashes to make sure that you don’t have any leftover make up in them and brushing them through really helps with this as well. It is also good to avoid any oil based products on your face as this can wear down the eyelash glue.

Be prepared for Shedding

So many different things can effect how many lashes you will lose before you go for your infill appointment, even being due a period can effect this. Sometimes it can’t be helped if your natural lashes have grown a lot or the weather has been very humid then you may just lose a few more than usual. As long as you’re taking care of them the best you can it’s nothing that a lash technician won’t be able to fix!

Go for regular Infills

If you aren’t just getting lash extensions for a special occasion then you will need to maintain them or eventually they will all fall out. I go for regular infills every 2-3 weeks just to replace any that I have lost, and I usually book this appointment for half an hour or 45 minutes depending on how many lashes I’ve lost that month.

Take a break to look after your natural Lashes

If you have had lash extensions for a long time, your lash technician may recommend you giving them a break for a little while just to check up on your natural lashes. This all depends on the condition of your real lashes and how they are responding to the treatment so it is best to listen to a lash technician’s advice on what is best for you.

Do your Research

This is probably the most important thing to consider before getting lash extensions. I have seen so many horror stories online of people who have gone to get lash extensions and they have looked horrible or destroyed their natural lashes so it is so important to research the salon you decide to go with. Just reading reviews and seeing pictures from other people can be so reassuring before going in yourself as you are trusting someone with your eyelashes and eyes which isn’t something to take lightly!

Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside

Coco Chanel

These are my top 10 pieces of advice for getting lash extensions! I absolutely adore my lashes and it may be a bit addictive now as I feel so bare without them! For me, I feel so much more confident with them and I also love the feeling of not having to put any make up on my lashes and they already look how I want them to! At the end of the day, there are so many things to consider and the good thing is that lash extensions are semi permanent so you won’t be stuck with them forever if you do decide they’re not for you! XOX

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  1. I once got charged £110 and they lasted about a week! They were awful. I know have a great lady who works from home and charges me £50, I am always so happy with them xxx

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