Top 10 Holiday Destinations in England

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine

Anthony J. D’Angelo

Isle of Wight

Alum Bay by Liz Earle

The Isle of Wight is somewhere that I have been visiting every year since I was a baby! There are so many beautiful views here and every time I go, I always feel so calm and relaxed on my visits which is why I had to put it at the top of this list. There are some great days out for kids like Black Gang Chine and Robin Hill which have rides for all ages and some exciting shows to watch in the evenings. When I was younger one of my favourite things to do was go to Black Gang Chine and visit the fairy village and then the wild west! Robin Hill’s toboggan was my absolute favourite ride of them all and I still go on it now with the excuse of taking my younger cousins on it! It’s a lot of fun so I would definitely recommend trying it no matter what your age!

I normally stay in Shanklin when I visit the Isle of Wight because of the lovely beach with places to eat breakfast by the sea but Bembridge is a really nice area to stay in too. There are so many nice walks that you can do nearby that show off the Island’s beautiful views perfectly, particularly Alum Bay with the heather on the cliff tops. You can also then walk down to the needles where there are always fun activities going on! I like to get the cable car back up and keep the picture as a souvenir, though this isn’t great if you’re scared of heights! I also love walking around Totland Bay where there is another beach at the end of the walk and a nice restaurant for somewhere to relax. For something a bit more adventurous the Devil’s Chimney walk is a personal favourite of mine as you can walk through the rock formations where there were previously landslips so it’s a lot of fun and feels like a proper adventure!

The Isle of Wight is the perfect place for families and is a really friendly place to visit. I’ve never had any problems here and I never feel more relaxed than when I’m looking over the sea or standing amongst the heather on the cliff tops.


The Pool Area at Elveden CentreParcs from Trip Advisor

Centreparcs is another place that I have visited quite a lot, particularly as there are numerous locations around the country so there may be one nearer to you than you think. I love being able to ride my bike around the complex and it’s another place where there is so much to do for all ages. Swimming is one of my favourite things to do as there are so many fun tubes and slides to go on. At Elveden, there is my favourite ride called the tropical cyclone where you can get multiple people in a giant rubber ring and start sliding around these tubes all over the place! That one probably isn’t for the faint hearted! The nature at Elveden is also a huge selling point for me and the animals are really quite confident so I enjoy feeding some bread to the ducks and sometimes rabbits and deer too! There are loads of restaurants on site and always things going on sports wise as well like the rock climbing, tennis and badminton. With lots of play areas for kids it’s another perfect family holiday destination and I usually never want to leave when it comes to going home!


Holt, Norfolk by Experience Norfolk

Norfolk has a lot to offer and is yet another perfect place for families. One of my favourite places to visit here is Cromer and it’s definitely worth trying the crab- it’s delicious! The beach always has lots going on although it does tend to be packed in the summer school holidays so I would recommend getting there early to get a good spot. Holt is a quieter alternative to Cromer and is so picturesque and peaceful. There are some lovely walks that you can do and a visit to Bletchley Park is a must see whilst you’re here. Something for younger kids and something that I absolutely loved when I was younger is called Bewilderwood where you can follow the story of little elf like creatures and explore the park! It has lots of climbing equipment and it feels really magical and you can get completely wrapped up in the story of Swampy and his friends whilst you’re here!


Photo by Travelzoo

Derbyshire is another great place to visit for walking and scenic views and a stop off at the Peak District should be top of the list for some of the most spectacular views that England has to offer. There are also some beautiful manner houses and stately homes to visit including Haddon Hall which is a personal favourite of mine. Chatsworth house is also a popular choice and was even home to the filming of the 2005 Pride and Prejudice film! For a day out with the kids Gulliver’s Kingdom is a great choice with rides for all ages and I always loved panning for gold here! For the more adventurous people, Alton Towers is my favourite place to go and has some of my favourite rides in the world but they are most definitely not for the faint hearted, particularly Stealth which goes up to 80mph in about a second!


Photo by Royal Caribbean

I have always enjoyed visiting Dover as someone who has a big interest in history, so Dover Castle is a must see here if you are the same as me and you will be hard pressed to find a castle more impressive than this in my opinion. My favourite thing to do is go into the World War 2 secret wartime tunnels that were used in Operation Dynamo and it gives a lot of information about what went on there which is so interesting to find out and very surreal to be standing there! It’s also got spectacular views of the famous White Cliffs of Dover and branching out of England is so easy with the ferry to France right here which only takes an hour and a half.


Photo by Visit Britain

Of course London is the place that most people want to visit when they come to England or the UK and there are so many things to do here that you will never get bored. There are obviously the iconic sights of Big Ben, The London Eye, The Shard, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, St Paul’s Cathedral and so many more so it is a perfect place to go for tourism and it would be impossible to name all of the other amazing spots here! However, there are also more peaceful places to visit and London has some really beautiful parks including Hyde Park and St James’ that get you away from the more frantic areas for a little while.

You can learn so much in this city, particularly with the likes of the Natural History Museum and for kids, Ripley’s Believe it or not museum which is a very fun day out! There are so many shopping places like Westfield, Selfridges and some more vintage shops in Covent Garden and Camden so there is definitely something for everyone here. For some good families days out my favourites are Madam Tussauds and the London Dungeons although I wouldn’t recommend bringing young children to that one as it can be a little bit scary even for the adults! There is always something going on in London and whatever your interest is, there is definitely something here to interest everyone so whether you are a one off tourist or even live nearby, a day out in London will never disappoint.


Photo from Wikipedia

Canterbury is a beautiful city and is perfect for history lovers and those who want a little more of a peaceful visit to somewhere, though this city can still get quite busy! The Cathedral is the focus point here and it is absolutely stunning as you can see in the picture so it is definitely worth a visit. My favourite thing to do here is go through the Canterbury Tales Tour where many of the stories are acted out and it’s very interactive so lots of fun for the family! It’s also where J.K Rowling took some inspiration for some of the Harry Potter stories so interesting from this point of view as well!

Stratford Upon Avon

Photo from Chiltern Railways

Stratford Upon Avon is the perfect place for Shakespeare lovers and being able to visit his birth place, house and school is really quite exciting for those who are interested in his life! It is also worth a visit to his grave stone where he left a very spooky message that was written on it as a curse- definitely worth checking this out! Even for the non Shakespeare fans there is still a lot to do and Stratford Upon Avon is a really beautiful place. There is so much nature and the Butterfly Farm is one place that captures this perfectly. You can also visit Magic Alley and the Creaky Cauldron which is a lot of fun for those interested in fandoms, particularly Harry Potter and you can buy a lot of magic tricks and merchandise here!


Photo from the Evening Standard

Cornwall is a beautiful place to visit and home of the Cornish Pasty which is well worth a try even if it’s not quite to your liking! There are great opportunities for water sports here including jet skiing, wind surfing, sailing and many more though the weather is not always guaranteed to be good, but that’s England for you! Land’s End is a must see spot here and you can stand by a sign and have your picture taken and they will add how many miles it is from there to where you are from, which you can buy and take home as a souvenir! There are also so many lovely beaches which also have theme park attractions nearby so you can choose how fast paced you want your holiday to be!


Photo by Greater Cambridge Partnership

Cambridge is a beautiful city and has so much charm and manages to feel quite peaceful despite it being a popular and busy destination. You can relax easily here, punting on the river or walking through the botanical gardens though of course it is home to one of the world’s most famous Universities so can be a very educational day out too. Shopping here is also fantastic with a wide range of different places and restaurants so there is definitely something for everyone and in this sense it reminds me of a quieter version of London because of the wide variety of things to do.

Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer

These are my top 10 favourite places in England just from my own personal experience of visiting them. There are so many more fantastic places to explore and being from England myself, I often forget to appreciate what an amazing place it is! Thanks for reading XOX

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  1. I love the Isle of Wight I used to live in Ryde for a few months, but when I was little we used to holiday there and stay in Shanklin, I have great memories. You have a few on the list that I have never considered visiting but will take a look at now 😊. Great post xx

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