Venice 2018 + First Couples Holiday!

It doesn’t matter where you are going it’s who you have beside you

In the summer of 2018, my boyfriend and I took our first trip together alone as a couple after we had been together for around 2 years. I had previously been away with his family before and he had come away with mine but we had never actually got round to going just the two of us on holiday alone so I was so excited for this trip. Venice had been somewhere that had been on my bucket list for a long time and the weather is always gorgeous in the summer months so it seemed like the perfect place to go for our first holiday together.

The Basics

We flew from London Gatwick to Marco Polo airport which took around 2 hours which was ideal and super easy. Once we arrived we were actually staying in Lido di Jesolo which I would highly recommend as it’s a really nice area and somewhere that is a lot cheaper than being inside Venice itself. You can easily get to Venice by boat as well so it’s not too difficult for when you want to do some sightseeing. We were staying in Hotel Anny which I would definitely recommend because the people were so incredibly friendly and the hotel itself was very nice. They did lovely food and it was right next to a beach where you could reserve sun loungers for the day for free as you were staying in the hotel. We went in June so the weather was nice and warm so we definitely made use of this! For what you get with the hotel, the price is so reasonable and a lot cheaper than other hotels that I found in the area and I almost thought there was going to be some kind of hidden charge it was so reasonably priced! It’s also not too far from Marco Polo airport and shuttle buses run easily between the two places so it’s in a very convenient location.

Exploring Venice

Being in Venice was absolutely incredible and I was so happy to see the iconic sights that everyone talks about! The best ones for me were St Marc’s Square, the Rialto Bridge and the Grand Canal. These perfectly encapsulate the culture of Venice and the beauty of the architecture there. It’s also so nice to be walking around the city as there’s so much to see and great places for shopping and eating as well, although it is a lot pricier than outside of Venice! We booked a gondola trip online which I would definitely recommend doing as it meant that we saved money and didn’t miss out because it was so busy on the day so it would have been a long wait if we hadn’t already booked. This was a standout moment on the whole trip for me, being on the gondola and seeing the local people and their way of life on the canal was amazing and it was also a fantastic way to see some of the best sights of the city so if you only do one thing whilst you’re in Venice I would highly recommend that!

Other Days Out

Aside from spending some lovely hot days on the beach, we also spent a day at the water park Aqualandia which had some of the best rides of any water park I have ever been to. The water wasn’t particularly warm but that didn’t matter at all because the weather was so scorching hot it was actually very refreshing. There are rides there for everyone although there are some particularly big ones that wouldn’t be suitable for younger children and I have to say that I was actually nervous to go on some of them! Something that I had never experienced before was a virtual reality water ride which was where you had a head set on whilst you were on the ride so you were watching yourself going through a kind of tropical rainforest. That was all lovely and peaceful until the drops started coming and since you couldn’t see them, there was no way to prepare yourself and you had no idea what was coming! For something a bit more peaceful there is a really good aquarium in Lido di Jesolo which I really enjoyed going to along with mini golf which is something my boyfriend and I really enjoy although we do tend to get a bit too over competitive with each other!

Picture by Hotel Kennedy

My Thoughts

I am so grateful that I got to share this experience with my boyfriend and it was an amazing holiday to take for the two of us and so nice to have time away from our normal lives. I would definitely recommend visiting Venice as it is truly beautiful and if you are going with a partner then it is a really romantic place to go to. All of the planning I did for this trip was so worth it in the end and I would absolutely love to take another trip with my boyfriend just the two of us in the future, hopefully he might take more of an interest in the planning side of things next time!

Overall Top 5 Tips

  1. If you’re visiting in the summer beware that Venice gets extremely hot so walking around a busy city all day can be very exhausting and I would definitely recommend lots of sun lotion and water.
  2. Book tickets for things you want to do in advance to avoid missing out as it gets so busy in Venice with tourists all wanting to do the same things. Booking online also helps to save money.
  3. Using a ferry is a really convenient way to get to Venice and quite cheap just make sure you get a map- we didn’t and ended up getting off at the wrong stop on a different island at first!
  4. Stay somewhere nearby that isn’t actually in the centre of Venice, I would recommend Lido Di Jesolo as somewhere half the price and very safe with things to do nearby as well. It’s also still close enough to explore Venice.
  5. Just a heads up that the water may smell a little bit weird in the summer months in the canals in Venice as it gets so hot and the water levels in the canal are lower but it really isn’t too strong so you’ll hardly notice it, just thought it was worth putting that out there!

There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this

Thanks for reading about my trip to Venice and my first couples holiday! It was such an amazing experience for me that I’m really glad I got to share with my boyfriend and now having been together for 3 years I hope that we will be taking another trip together very soon! XOX

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