The Ultimate Travel Tag

I absolutely love reading blogger tags and getting involved in the blogging community so I was thrilled when Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog tagged me in my comments to do this Ultimate Travel Tag! I am loving reading her blog right now so it’s definitely worth checking that out if you’re into lifestyle blogs.

1. How many countries of the world have you already visited?

As of November 2019, I have visited 17 countries

2. Which destination is the number one of your bucket list?

For me this has got to be somewhere hot, I am absolutely dying to go to the Caribbean!

Photo by TravelZoo

3. Three other places at the top of your travel bucket list?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sydney, Australia

Toronto, Canada

4. What does the ideal holiday look like for you?

Visiting a hot place with my boyfriend and my family and having a mixture of relaxing beach time and days out exploring

5. Favorite picture you’ve taken during a trip?


I loved seeing the kids so happy this day and this whole experience meant the world to me, as well as these kids

6. Have you had to travel for work so far? If so, where?

No, but I would love to in the future

7. With who would you like to go on a vacation sometime?

I think my mum because I have been on holiday with my dad just the two of us so it would be nice to experience that with my mum as well

8. Who or what would you take with you to an uninhabited island?

I think my boyfriend so I didn’t go mad on my own!

9. Would you rather go to an amusement park or a zoo?

Amusement park definitely, I am obsessed with going on rides I will pretty much go on anything as long as it doesn’t spin!

10. Mountain or sea?

Sea definitely, it relaxes me

11. Which country(ies) will you visit this year?

Since it’s late November I don’t have any plans to visit any countries before the end of 2019. However, in 2020 I am planning to visit Cyrpus and Barbados which I am so excited about as these are both on my bucket list!

12. Where would you never visit?

North Korea

13. Which place did you think was so special that you wished to come back to it immediately after leaving it and still want to revisit now?

Amsterdam- it was absolutely beautiful

14. A place you’ve been to where you would not go back to and why?

I’m not opposed to going back to any of the places I’ve visited, just some would be higher on my list than others!

15. What was the last country you visited?


16. What is your favorite place on the planet that you have been to?

There’s too many to choose from, I love my home in England but aside from that I absolutely adore Spain and Florida as well

17. Favorite place in your home country?

Either my home town because I have so many great memories there or the Isle of Wight

18. You’re in an airport, and you know you can choose whichever destination to board a plane right now: which part of the world would you choose?

Somewhere in North America

19. What’s your cup of tea – tropical island getaway, snowy ski break, or city exploring trips?

Tropical island getaway with some sightseeing thrown in

20. What are your top 3 hand-luggage must haves?

Portable charger, headphones and a bottle of water

21. What 3 things would you take on holiday/travelling if you could?

My duvet, lots of snacks and more money!

22. Any travel tips to share?

Always research the place you are going to first!

23. What is your most pleasant trip memory?

Sharing experiences with my loved ones, whether that’s in Venice with my boyfriend, Florida with my family or Kenya with my friends

24. What is your most unpleasant trip memory?

Being followed by a man in Brussels who would not leave my friend and I alone- we ended up having to get on a train that wasn’t to our actual destination to get away from him

25. Most surreal travel moment?

Seeing the impact that can be made when I was volunteering in Nakuru, Kenya and the hard work of the people I met there

26. Most embarrassing moment abroad?

Being proposed to by a homeless man who was about 40 years older than me in Spain…

27. Biggest disappointment?

It wasn’t a disappointment because I still loved the trip, but Bangkok was so much busier and a little more unclean than I expected- still loved it though!

28. Nicest surprise?

My family and boyfriend surprising me at the airport after a very emotional trip to Kenya

29. Favorite food discovery during a trip?

I know this isn’t a food but when I was in Italy I had something called Ace Juice which I haven’t been able to find since and it was incredible whatever it was!

30. Why do you travel?

I love experiencing new cultures and seeing sights that I couldn’t see anywhere else

31. Have you picked up any phrases from travelling?

Not phrases as such but I always try to learn some of the local language of the place I am visiting

32. Your dream travel companion?

I wish I could go in a big group with my family, friends and boyfriend not that it would work out very practically!

33. Favorite city or country?

Aside from my home, it’s got to be Spain

34. Best item purchased abroad?

Happy Planner products from America- they’re so much cheaper than in England!

35. Advice for those who want to travel but think they can’t?

Save up as much as you can so that you’re not stressed about money on the trip and do your research on where to go for the place that best suits your needs. Remember that you only live once so sometimes it’s best to just go for it!

36. Travel accessory you always pack?

Portable charger

37. Your most treasured passport stamp?


38. Can you recite your passport number from memory if asked?

No, I can remember half of it though!

39. Preferred method of travel: planes, trains or cars?

Depends on the length of the journey really but I think planes, it feels the most like a holiday and gets me feeling very excited!

40. Hostel, hotel or AirBnb?

AirBnb because there’s more options for what accommodation you’re looking for

41. Are you a repeat visitor or do you explore new places?

I am definitely a mix of both but I am trying to go to as many new places as I can at the moment

42. Do you read up on your destination (culture, history, safety) or do you wing it?

I read up on my destination in terms of where I’m staying to make sure it’s a nice area etc but once I get there I’m happy to explore, unless there’s anything particular on my bucket list that I definitely want to see

43. Favorite travel website?

I mainly read travel blogs although RealGapExperience has some great trip ideas

44. Where would you recommend a friend to visit? Name city and why.

Venice because it’s absolutely stunning.

46. Suitcase versus backpack?

Suitcase because I always overpack

47. Is there something you do on every trip?

Before I leave I always make sure I’ve been to the places I wanted to go to the most and I always buy a postcard from each place I’ve been to

48. When traveling do you talk to locals easily?

If I speak the language I am happy to speak to anyone! My favourite is in Spain so I can practice my Spanish which I speak a little bit of

49. Do you feel like you’re different when traveling?

I feel slightly more free when I’m travelling and I think a more adventurous side of me kicks in!

50. What is the greatest travel-dream you would like to accomplish before hitting your next big life-turn?

I would really like to travel some more with my boyfriend just the two of us to see how we get along since Venice went so well!

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I am absolutely loving reading all of these blogs at the moment so I would definitely recommend checking them out!

Thanks for reading the tag let me know your thoughts in the comments below! XOX

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